zenGiver Code of Conduct and Deactivation Policy


IMPORTANT: The zenGiver Code of Conduct and Deactivation Policy must be agreed to by any zenGivers providing services on the platform. All zenGivers must read this policy and agree to the terms in order to provide services on the platform.


Working as a zenGiver is a uniquely rewarding experience - you get to be your own boss, set your own hours and rates, pick the days and areas you want to work and decide which services you provide. The zenGOT platform is designed for zenGivers to thrive while providing customers with first-class services from professional, reliable and punctual service providers.


We have put in place and will enforce the zenGiver Code of Conduct and Deactivation Policy to ensure that our customers and zenGivers both have excellent experiences.



Our customers expect top-performing zenGivers who are professional, reliable, on-time, responsive and who truly go above and beyond through the following behaviours:


Impeccable Scheduling - Ensure your availability schedule is accurate and up-to-date at all times. You are only booked within the availability you set - as such, you are expected to accept jobs for which you are booked.


Accept Service Requests Immediately - When you receive a service request - accept it immediately. You have up to 6 zenGOT business hours to accept before the service request expires - we suggest accepting it right away.


Service Contracts - Once you’ve accepted a service request, you’ve entered into a contract with the customer - you’re expected to follow through on your commitment.


Communication - Once you’ve accepted a service request, we suggest communicating with your customer via the zenGOT messenger or SMS immediately. For example, you may wish to inform your customer that you’re excited about the job and ask about any special requests or clarifications needed to ensure you’re prepared to provide a first-class service.


On-Time - Our customers expect on-time services. We take punctuality seriously and remove late-showing zenGivers from the platform.


Professional - Always conduct yourself in a professional manner. Maintain a neat appearance and a positive, respectful attitude. Unprofessional behaviour includes smoking or vaping on a job, cursing or other disrespectful behavior (eye rolling, texting on a job, etc.).


Above and Beyond - Our customers expect top-quality services from qualified professionals who go the distance. Always go above and beyond. Whether this means customizing your service in response to specific requests or simply doing all the little “extras” - provide exceptional service worthy of a 5-Star rating and glowing review.


Reschedule - If you need to reschedule, do so through the platform by immediately communicating with your customer and using the Reschedule feature.


Independent Contractor - As a zenGiver, you acknowledge that you’re an independent contractor and responsible for your own insurance, business expenses, government payments (income tax, GST, CPP), health insurance and workers compensation (if required).


Support and Mediation - As an independent contractor, you’re expected to reconcile issues, where possible, directly with customers. In special cases which require support or mediation - the zenGOT team is available to help.



Deactivated zenGivers are automatically and immediately removed from the platform.


Expired Service Request

  • If you don’t respond to a service request within 6 zenGOT business hours (letting it expire), your account will be placed on probation for 6 months.
  • If you let a second service request expire within those 6 months - you will be deactivated.


Declined Service Request

  • We suggest accepting all of the service requests you receive.
  • If you frequently decline service requests for no discernable reason, your account will be placed on probation and may be subject to deactivation.

HOW TO AVOID THIS: you will only receive service requests that fall within the availability you determine and set on your profile. To ensure you’re available to accept all service requests, simply keep your availability calendar accurate and up-to-date at all times.


Cancelled Booking

  • If you cancel a booking, your account will be placed on probation for 6 months.
  • If you cancel a second booking within those 6 months - you will be deactivated.


HOW TO AVOID THIS: if you need to make a scheduling change, avoid cancelling by communicating with the customer immediately and using the Reschedule feature on the zenGiver Dashboard. If you and the customer mutually agree to cancel a booking - make sure to cancel through the platform and let one of our support staff know that this was a mutual agreement - this will prevent the above punitive measures from taking effect.


Late to Booking

  • If you’re late to a booking your account will be placed on probation for 6 months.
  • If you’re late to a second booking within those 6 months - you will be deactivated.


No-Show to Booking

  • You will be deactivated if you no-show to any booking.


Going Off-Platform


  • All payments for services provided to any customer found via the zenGOT platform must be processed and received through the zenGOT platform. Providing services to a zenGOT customer off the platform will result in immediate deactivation, a finder’s fee charge to the zenGiver of $2,000.00 and the commencement of appropriate legal action.

Extenuating Circumstances

If you are deactivated and have extenuating circumstances, you may submit a formal appeal to support@zengot.com by providing a detailed explanation of your case. zenGOT will adjudicate accordingly, however cannot guarantee you will be allowed back on the platform.

Note about Instant Service Requests

zenGivers are not expected to accept all Instant Service Requests. An Instant Service Request is a service request which is sent to all available zenGivers in the area - the first zenGiver who accepts it gets the job. Notifications will specify if the request is an Instant Service Request. Once an Instant Service Request has been accepted - all of the above policies apply to that booking. We encourage zenGivers to accept Instant Service Requests as a way to earn ratings and reviews - this enhances your visibility on the platform and improves your chances of being direct-booked by customers. Before accepting an Instant Service Request, make sure to review the service details closely to ensure you have all the qualifications and materials required to provide a first-class service.