Our Fab Story


Catherine Goulet, Founder and Director

Tag Goulet, Marketing Advisor

Andrew Jenkins, CEO

zenGOT™ is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Catherine Goulet. Catherine and her sister Tag partnered in business in 1999 to create a number of successful and award-winning businesses including FabJob.com, the leading publisher of dream career guides, and IAP Career College (IAPCollege.com), an online career college that aims to offer the finest in affordable online certificate programs training individuals to start their own dream career business.

The Goulet sisters have been instrumental in educating over 500,000 individuals to break into their dream career and start their own business. It was a natural evolution for the Goulet sisters to develop a technology platform matching consumers with individual service providers and business owners resulting in the creation of zenGOT.

Catherine and Tag partnered with Andrew Jenkins, a progressive and enterprising leader, to head up zenGOT’s business operations and oversee executive management at zenGOT. Andrew has years of professional experience with new ventures on an international scale and specialized in Entrepreneurship at the University of British Columbia. He is an award-winning film producer and production company board member and has experience overseeing the financing, production and acquisition of a feature film, releasing it around the globe and selling to numerous channels including Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play. His proven track record managing large and diverse teams and directing the operations of an organization made him a natural fit for his role with zenGOT.

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Our zenTeam™

zenGOT™ has a passionate, multi-generational, and diverse team with backgrounds and expertise in multiple areas including entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, business development, marketing and PR, customer service, recruiting, finance, legal and insurance. Additionally, the team members' expertise includes the development of business training programs in each of zenGOT's services from cleaning to pet services.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind with the Gift Of Time!

At zenGOT™, our mission is to make your life easier through the Gift Of Time with Helping Hands, On Demand! Our proprietary zenGOT™ technology platform matches customers with fully vetted independent service providers (zenGivers as we call them) who provide quality home (and other) services. Free up your time and leave your errands and chores behind with capable, qualified and trusted zenGivers.

zenGOT™ is very grateful and would like to thank: